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SOL and Final Exam Exchange


Henrico County Public Schools’ Leadership has approved the administration’s recommendation to use a sliding scale for SOL/Final exam exchange.  ALL high schools in Henrico County will be using the following scale for the final exam. The SOL test score correlates to an exam grade for the course.  A student can accept the exam grade based on the SOL score or choose to take the exam.  If no SOL score is available by the time an exam participation decision needs to be made, the senior exam exchange policy, which considers course grade and attendance, will be applied to the students/courses with missing SOL scores.

The scale that will be used is as follows:

SOL Score            Points on Final Exam
400 – 410              70
411 – 420              73
421 – 430              75
431 – 440              77
441 – 450              79
451 – 460              80
461 – 470              83
471 – 480              85
481 – 490              87
491 – 499              89
500 – 525              90
526 – 550              93
551 – 575              95
576 – 599              98
600                        100




Grade Criteria:

  1. The senior must have a cumulative course average of at least 80 when grades and other specified criteria are compiled to determine exam exemption near the close of the fourth nine weeks.
  2. The senior must maintain a minimum fourth nine-week average of 80 in the course to be exempted.

Attendance Criteria

  1. The senior cannot have been absent from the class more than ten times during the school year (semester class – not more than five times). Religious holidays and school-related absences (field trips, SODA, athletics, documented college visits, etc.) do not count within those absences.
  2. Three unexcused tardies to class equals one absence as related to the exam exemption criteria. Six unexcused tardies to school immediately removes the senior from the eligibility. Six unexcused tardies to an individual class eliminates the student from exam exemption eligibility in that class.
  3. The senior must attend at least 75% of a class in order to be counted present in that class as related to exam exemption eligibility.
  4. Any integrity violation which results in disciplinary action removes the student from eligibility.