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Oct 14

Meet Ms. Robinson, Asst. Principal

I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology Education from Virginia Union University.  My Master of Education was obtained from Virginia Commonwealth University.  I received my Educational Leadership & Policy Endorsement from the University of Richmond.

Before becoming an assistant principal at Varina High School, I was a science teacher at Highland Springs High School for twenty years.  At HSHS, I served as an administrative aide, lead biology teacher, mentor, and sponsor of several clubs and activities (Prom, YADAPP, SADD, and PRIDE).

Educational Leadership Philosophy:
My philosophy of educational leadership is based on the concept that all students have the ability to learn.  Learning is a process that is constantly changing; teaching strategies that worked twenty years ago will not work with the modern day student.  Being in education for the past twenty-one years, I have observed that students learn in different ways and at different speeds.  Learning must be tailored to the different learning styles present in the classroom.  Many students are visual learners, while others are hands-on learners.  Some students may have a combination of several different learning styles.  In addition to the different learning styles, some students have learning disabilities and/or have English as a second language.  These students will also need personalized opportunities for learning.  With all types of learners, all students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.  There is an old but wise saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”.  In today’s educational system of accountability, it takes a village (which includes students, parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and government officials) to ensure that all children can learn.  As an assistant principal at Varina High School, my purpose is to be a part of the “village”.  My moral purpose for leading is to ensure that all students have opportunities to learn in a safe environment from qualified and caring educators.  Another part of my moral purpose as an instructional leader is to provide teachers with opportunities to improve their instruction. Whether this is through observations or professional development, I want to always provide my teachers opportunities for growth. In addition, as a leader I am committed to making sure the students and the teachers I serve feel valued and appreciated at Varina.  Lastly as a leader at Varina High School, I will work with the leadership team to make sure every Varina student will become a responsible citizen that seeks employment, enlistment, or enrollment after graduation.


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Oct 11

Varina HS PTSA Community Day

The Varina HS PTSA Community Day will be held on Nov 16 from 10AM – 3PM. Click on the flyer below to find out more!

VHS Community Day Flyer

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Oct 07

Meet Mrs. English, Admin Intern

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Psychology from Christopher Newport University. I received a teaching license in Exceptional Education: General Curriculum from Virginia Commonwealth University. I earned my Masters of Administration and Educational Leadership from Old Dominion University.

This is the beginning of my 13th year at Varina High School where I was an Exceptional Education/English teacher for the first 10 years. I am now going into my 3rd year as the Administrative Intern.

Education and Leadership Philosophy:
As a teacher, my mission was to make sure that all of my students saw the value in their own lives and in their own education. I wanted to teach them the tools they needed to be successful not only in and out of school but beyond. As an instructional leader, I am now challenging staff and students to see their hidden potential. In connection with Varina HS’s mission statement, I encourage all staff and students to display quality character through their relationships, their commitment to the community of the school, and to the trust they have to be the best version of themselves.

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Sep 30

Meet Ms. Noah, Asst. Principal


Winthrop University – B.S. in Exceptional Education

George Washington University – M.A. in Administration and Supervision


I have taught Exceptional Education in the following states:

Tampa, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Raleigh, North Carolina
Henrico County Public Schools

I have been an Assistant Principal at Varina High School since 2000.

Educational Philosophy:

My educational philosophy is to foster a climate of instructional practices of specially designed instructional strategies that will enhance learning and ensure all students have every opportunity to succeed.

I will provide opportunities for teachers to build resources to access and discover for learning individual student learning needs.  My goal is for all students have the same opportunities for learning, and to discover what learning path to choose.



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Sep 22

Meet Mr. Streightiff, Associate Principal

My name is William Cody Streightiff and this is my 18th year at Varina.  I started out as a 23-year-old, wide-eyed, history teacher and have since served as department leader, administrative aide, administrative intern and assistant principal before settling into my role as associate principal.

I grew up in Chesterfield, Virginia, just on the other side of the Pocahontas Parkway (which didn’t exist back then).  I graduated from James Madison with a degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and was quickly hired by HCPS and Varina.  Working at Varina is the only “adult” job I’ve ever known.  In 2007 I completed the Henrico County School Administrative Cohort and received my Masters in Educational Supervision and Leadership and was able to move from the classroom to administration.

My educational and leadership philosophy is that we should all be here to help the students succeed to the best of their ability.  Of course that is different for every student.  One student may need to be held strictly accountable and forced to persevere through a difficult academic task because we know that it will help prepare them for college all the while supporting another student through a tremendously difficult outside of school situation because we know that just earning that high school diploma would be a huge win for them right now.

I believe that the thing this world lacks the most right now is that people lack the ability to hear one another and emphasize with their fellow man.  I strive to teach students that accountability (which does not mean second chances cannot happen) and the ability to communicate in difficult situations are skills that will take them far in life.  Whether in the highest performing senior classes, or the most struggling freshmen, all students have the ability to learn the skills, both academic and interpersonal, to achieve a life after high school that will allow for them to support themselves and those they love, all the while being mentally strong enough to make a difference in today’s tumultuous society.


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Sep 15

Meet Mrs. Seely, Principal

I believe in the power of public education.

As a military brat, I understand the need for quality education and resources in the public school setting. Over the course of 18 years, I attended seven different schools in four different states. My experiences ranged from quality to mediocre. After graduating from King’s College in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in English and a focus on education, I committed my life to providing quality public education to students.

My career in teaching began at Atlee High School in Hanover County where I was an English and journalism teacher for eight years. In addition to teaching, I served as a department leader, newspaper advisor, and curriculum writer. In 2004, I earned my National Board Certification in English/Language Arts. In 2006, I earned a Master’s Degree in Administration/Supervision from the University of Virginia.

With a desire to serve public education in a larger capacity, I became the English and Reading Specialist for Henrico County Public Schools in July of 2006. While I enjoyed working with teachers and developing curriculum, I missed interacting with students and being part of a school community. In 2011, I was promoted to associate principal at Pocahontas Middle School. In 2013, I accepted the position of principal at Varina.

Public education is one of the greatest things about our country. We are in the middle of an important shift in education. Finally, lawmakers realize standardized testing isn’t the only reason students should come to school. It’s time to develop Life Ready learners who are strong in the 6Cs of Deeper Learning – communication, collaboration, character, creativity, critical thinking, and citizenship. Each student deserves the best possible education we can provide in order to navigate an ever-changing world. I am committed to lifelong learning and adapting to the changing needs of teenagers. High School is definitely not the same as it was in 1994, and educators have to stay current not only in best practices but also in teenage life. From social media to social issues, the best educators are in tune with the likes and needs of their students. They get to know their students as individuals, and they are authentic in their interactions with them.

I am honored to serve as the principal at Varina High School. I love everything about working at a high school – watching students learn, prom, sports, clubs, working with teachers, serving the community – everything. I believe students come to school wanting to do their best, and it’s our job to provide opportunities for them to shine. I am committed to developing students and staffulty who are Thoughtful, Honorable, Inspiring, and Safe. THIS is Varina.

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Sep 03

Welcome Back!

2019 VHS Logo Welcome back for the 2019-2020 school year! We are excited to see all of the new and returning faces and get the year started off right as we “cross the line of average!”

Varina High School 2019 theme logo

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May 28

2019 Literary Magazine

It’s time to download your 2019 VHS Literary Magazine! This year’s publication features poems, short stories, artwork, and photography, all created by current Varina High School students. We’re very proud of this year’s magazine, and we’d like to thank all of the students who made this year’s edition possible by sharing with us their art, photography, and writing.

The Varina High School Review – Volume Ten, 2019


To download past versions, check out the archive page!

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Apr 24

Graduation Gown Colors

Beginning with the class of 2020, all Henrico County Schools will be required to wear one color for graduation. Schools must choose one of their school colors. For Varina, the color must be navy blue or Vegas gold. Using one color gown, rather than separating students by gender, will continue to unite us as One Henrico.

In order to decide what color we will wear, we need to get input from our stakeholders. Please take this short survey by May 3. Reminder: This does not impact the class of 2019.


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May 31

2018 Literary Magazine

The 2018 VHS Literary Magazine has just been released! Download your copy today and check out the hard work and creativity of these VHS students! Also, to view past editions, you can view the archive here.

The Varina High School Review – Issue Nine, 2018

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