Sep 15

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Meet Mrs. Seely, Principal

I believe in the power of public education.

As a military brat, I understand the need for quality education and resources in the public school setting. Over the course of 18 years, I attended seven different schools in four different states. My experiences ranged from quality to mediocre. After graduating from King’s College in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in English and a focus on education, I committed my life to providing quality public education to students.

My career in teaching began at Atlee High School in Hanover County where I was an English and journalism teacher for eight years. In addition to teaching, I served as a department leader, newspaper advisor, and curriculum writer. In 2004, I earned my National Board Certification in English/Language Arts. In 2006, I earned a Master’s Degree in Administration/Supervision from the University of Virginia.

With a desire to serve public education in a larger capacity, I became the English and Reading Specialist for Henrico County Public Schools in July of 2006. While I enjoyed working with teachers and developing curriculum, I missed interacting with students and being part of a school community. In 2011, I was promoted to associate principal at Pocahontas Middle School. In 2013, I accepted the position of principal at Varina.

Public education is one of the greatest things about our country. We are in the middle of an important shift in education. Finally, lawmakers realize standardized testing isn’t the only reason students should come to school. It’s time to develop Life Ready learners who are strong in the 6Cs of Deeper Learning – communication, collaboration, character, creativity, critical thinking, and citizenship. Each student deserves the best possible education we can provide in order to navigate an ever-changing world. I am committed to lifelong learning and adapting to the changing needs of teenagers. High School is definitely not the same as it was in 1994, and educators have to stay current not only in best practices but also in teenage life. From social media to social issues, the best educators are in tune with the likes and needs of their students. They get to know their students as individuals, and they are authentic in their interactions with them.

I am honored to serve as the principal at Varina High School. I love everything about working at a high school – watching students learn, prom, sports, clubs, working with teachers, serving the community – everything. I believe students come to school wanting to do their best, and it’s our job to provide opportunities for them to shine. I am committed to developing students and staffulty who are Thoughtful, Honorable, Inspiring, and Safe. THIS is Varina.

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