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Jun 13

2018-19 Summer Reading Assignments





To download your summer reading assignment for 2018-19 AP or Honors classes, please click below to access the Google Drive folder containing all assignments.

2018-19 Summer Reading Assignments


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May 31

2018 Literary Magazine

The 2018 VHS Literary Magazine has just been released! Download your copy today and check out the hard work and creativity of these VHS students! Also, to view past editions, you can view the archive here.

The Varina High School Review – Issue Nine, 2018

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May 02

SOL Testing

SOL testing is fast approaching! Below is the schedule for this year’s testing. Please be sure you are reviewing and also make sure you get plenty of rest and a good breakfast during the testing period!

o Monday May 14– 5th at the end of the day – ODD with ABC
o Tuesday May 15- 5, 3, 1
o Wednesday May 16- 1, 7, 3
o Thursday May 17- 3, 2, 7
o Friday May 18- 7, 4, 2
o Monday May 21 – Even Day ABC regular time
o Tuesday May 22- 2, 6, 4,
o Wednesday May 23- 4, 5, 6
o Thursday May 24- 6, 5, 1
o Friday May 25 – 7 Period Day – No Advisory

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Apr 10

Senior Desert Night

Class of 2018

Senior families – mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 11. This is the night of our annual Senior Dessert Night. Beginning at 5:00 in the auditorium, we will share essential information on graduation and other end-of-the-year events. Following the meeting, dessert will be available. We hope to see all of our seniors and their families there. If you are not able to attend, information will be sent out to all families via the Sunday messages.

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Mar 09


Congratulations to the Boys Basketball team for winning the 5A State Championship! Go Blue Devils!!

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Jan 22

Course Recommendations

Course recommendation and scheduling time is here for the 2018-19 school year. Below are some course descriptions of electives. Please review these courses to see if you may be interested in signing up for one!


Theatre Arts This class takes a hands-on approach to theatre and the wonders that happen on stage.  In class, students will explore acting techniques, ensemble building, theatre history, stagecraft elements such as set building and lighting, stage combat, and so much more!
If you have a passion for the stage, or just an interest in knowing more about theatre, then this class is for you!
AP English 11 AP English Language and Composition is a college-level course where students examine rhetorical strategies used by various authors in a variety of texts, craft analysis papers using appropriate strategies, analyze visual texts, and strengthen argument strategies through class discussions. This course prepares students to take both the Reading SOL and the AP Language test in May. This curriculum is approved by College Board and helps prepare students to elevate their writing for all college courses.
AP English 12 AP English Literature is a challenging and fast-paced, college-level course where students will read a wide variety of literature, craft analysis papers, collaborate with their classmates, and argue their viewpoints thoughtfully in class discussion. This course also walks students through the college application process and write essays for their college applications and college scholarships. This curriculum is approved by College Board and helps bridge the gap between high school and college.
Journalism Photojournalism is a rigorous and fast-paced course where students will gain skills in one or more of the following areas: page design, advanced publishing techniques, copy writing, editing and photography while producing a creative, innovative yearbook which records school memories and events. There is an emphasis on journalism (writing) skills in this class. Participants gain useful, real world skills in time management, marketing, teamwork, and design principles. Students will be given challenging real world projects and assignments typical of the graphic design and publishing industries. High quality work is expected and students are expected to redo work until it meets the high-quality publication standards specified during yearbook instruction.
Sociology This elective is designed to introduce students to the conceptual tools that scholars use when examining a wide array of social issues. At its foundation, the course explores the various ways that human socieites organize themselves and their ideas. Everyhting from culture to history to geography is explored, with a heavy emphasis placed on current events. This is a terrific course for any student who might be considering taking AP Human Geography or for any student with an interest in gaining a depper understanding of why groups of humans act in the way that they do.
Psychology Psychology is designed to expose students to the inner workings of the human brain. The focus is human behavior and the conscious and subconscious roots of that behavior. This is a great course for any student considering taking AP Psychology as that college-level course builds upon many of the introductory ideas presented in this course. However, this course would be great for anyone who is interested in understanding that mysterious, frustrating and fascinating organ nown as the brain.
AP Psychology This is a college level course that exposes students to a fast-paced and rigorous exploration of the human brain and human behavior. Students will get the opportunity to engage with scholars on a variety of topics. Interested in why humans love each other? Or hate each other? Or engage in a wide array of confusing and beautiful behaviors? Then this is the class for you.
AP Human Geo If you want a class that combines sociology, geography,history, and science then this is the class for you. Come join us as we explore everything from culture to population growth to environmental issues and concerns. This class is a great launching pad for taking other social studies AP courses as it will give you an introduction to how social scientists create ideas and then implement them in a global setting.
Driver’s Education In Drivers’ Education students will demonstrate an understanding of Virginia traffic laws, basic vehicle operating procedures, and execute safe driving maneuvers. In order to enroll in this course students must have passed their learner’s permit test.
Advanced PE Advanced Physical Education provides students with the opportunity to explore physical activities and nutrition for specific purposes. Students will gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to analyze movement performance in various activities using scientific principles and implement effective procedures for performance.
Band/Orchestra Instrumental Music (Band&Orchestra) will cover basic/advanced fundamentals of tone production and music reading. Elements of music are approached through exercises of increasing difficulty which present challenging and interesting problems for students to master through individual practice and class rehearsal.
Chorus Vocal Music (Chorus) will cover basic/advanced fundamentals of voice production and music reading. Elements of music are approached through exercises of increasing difficulty which present challenging and interesting problems for students to master through individual practice and class rehearsal.
Art 1-2 The Art I-2 curriculum will introduce students to studio experiences, art history & cultural connections, art vocabulary, aesthetics and the process of art criticism.
Art 3-5/Drawing The Drawing and Art 3-5 curriculum builds upon previous art learning and provides students with advanced, in-depth and varied studio
experiences. Special attention will be given to portfolio development and college preparation.
Ceramics Ceramics is designed for students who are seriously interested in discovering their own unique style and interests while experiencing clay.
Creative Crafts Learn Art basics while exploring various techniques including fabric dying, basket weaving, mask making, origami, and clay! Maybe you love Art but don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re an experienced artist who is looking to branch out. Either way, Crafts is for you!
Digital Media Art 1-4 Digital Art explores several Adobe programs designed for students wanting to explore creating on the computer. Typography, drawing, animating and game design are just some of the topics covered
AP Physics AP Physics 1 is an algebra based, introductory level college physics course that will cultivate their understanding of Physics through inquiry-based investigations. Topics will include: kinematics, dynamics, circular motion with gravitation, energy, momentum, rotational motion, electrical charge and current, and mechanical waves.
AP Biology Want to try and trick your taste buds, change the genetic make-up of bacteria, or just dig deeper into the intricacies of life around us? Then AP Biology is the course for you! Your success in this college level course will challenge you to think hard, to be analytical, and will help prepare you for studies or a career in any biology related STEM field!
AP Environmental Science AP Environmental is a highly relatable course of study including topics such as populations, energy, and food/pesticides. This course is designed for hands on learning in the classroom as well as field based study in the surrounding environment.
AP Statistics AP Statistics introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students are exposed to four broad conceptual themes: Exploring Data, Sampling and Experimenting, Anticipating Patterns, and Statistical Inference.
AP Calculus AP Calculus is roughly equivalent to first semester college Calculus. In this course, students will learn topics in differential and integral Calculus. These topics include limits, derivative, and integrals. You will learn how to approach concepts graphically, numerically, analytically and verbally and how to make connections amongst these representations.
Technical Drawing Students learn how to complete technical drawings, such as blueprints, on their own. They learn and develop 3D modeling skills
Architectural Drawing Students learn how to build and design houses, and commercial buildings. They study differents styles of architecture throughout history and design a lot of their own buildings
Introduction to Photo Students learn how a camera works, ways to compose a photo, and to make it better with software using Photoshop. This is a SEMESTER class.
Woods I-IV Students focus on working with wood materials and the the processes involved to fabricate usable products. This includes the use of tools and equipment in a shop environment.
Metals I-IV Students learn the basics of metal working. They make different projects using various types of metal, learn how to weld, bend and cut metal.
Exploring Engineering Students learn different forms of engineering, they study and create different projects to learn how different engineers work. We combine math, science and technology to create and test various prototypes like Rube Goldberg Machines, Bridges, Catapults, Planes and Rollercoasters
Geospatioal Technology Dual-Enrollment college class where students can earn 6 college credits. Learn to take information, and put it on a map. An example would be mapping out locations of different crimes in a city, and then making a plan to help reduce that plan. It could also be looking at voter information and mapping out election results.
Video and Media Technology Learn about how to plan, shoot and edit a video! Students work in groups to create public service announcements, claymation, commercials, short movies, and other activities. This is an EARLY BIRD class.
Relationships Students learn about the significance of the family; how build and maintain healthy relationships in the family and with their peers; they learn communication skills for healthy relationships; how to deal with stress and conflict in all relationships and how to manage work and family roles and responsibilities.
Life Planning Students learn essential life skills. This includes creating and maintaining healthy relationships, practicing personal nutrition, health, and wellness, and developing a life-management plan.
Nutrition and Wellness Students enrolled in Nutrition and Wellness focus on understanding wellness, investigating principles of nutrition, using science and technology in food management, ensuring food safety, planning menus and preparing food, and exploring careers in the field of nutrition and wellness. Critical thinking and practical problem solving are emphasized.
Culinary Arts The Introduction to Culinary Arts curriculum provides students with opportunities to explore career options and entrepreneurial opportunities within the food service industry. Students investigate food safety and sanitation, explore culinary preparation foundations, practice basic culinary skills, explore diverse cuisines and service styles, investigate nutrition and menu development, and examine the economics of food.
Intro to Fashion Students in Introduction to Fashion Careers focus on identifying and exploring the individual careers within the apparel, accessory, and textile design, manufacturing, and merchandising industry.
Teachers for Tomorrow Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow (VTfT) fosters student interest, understanding, and appreciation of the teaching profession and allows secondary students to explore careers in education. Students build a foundation for teaching; learn the history, structure and governance of teaching; apply professional teaching techniques in the VTfT classroom and field experience; and reflect on their teaching experiences..
Child Development Students enrolled in Child Development and Parenting focus on balancing work and family; analyzing parenting roles and responsibilities; ensuring a healthy start for mother and child; evaluating support systems that provide services for parents; and evaluating parenting practices that maximize human growth and development.
NJROTC The Military Science (JROTC) program prepares students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as Americans. The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens. The program promotes graduation from high school, and provides instructional opportunities which benefit the student, community and nation.
SAT Prep The College and Career Readiness class serves a dual purpose: to increase a student’s SAT score and to investigate a variety of college opportunities, including completing a college application and essay. The course is divided into three different sections: college readiness, evidence-based reading and writing, and math. By utilizing an initial pre-test, instructors are able to formulate a unique instructional plan for each student to be successful. By the end of the course, students will be ready for the January or the June SAT (depending whether they take the class in the fall or the spring). Students will be utilizing Khan Academy. In the fall, this class is geared for SENIORS; the spring, JUNIORS. You must have a laptop and a charger to take this semester-long course.

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Nov 13

Fundraising Opportunities

Linked below is information about ways you can support the PTSA through Papa John’s Spirit Night and Kroger Community Rewards. Please take some time to review these attachments and support the VHS PTSA.

Kroger Fundraiser

Papa John’s Fundraiser

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Oct 05

2017-18 Admin Team

From L to R: Robert Stevens, Cody Streghtiff, Ann Marie Seely, Leslie English, Latanya Bowers, Katy Noah

2017-18 Staffulty Listing

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